Choosing to Have a Girl Or Boy Baby Depending on When You Conceive

There are many factors that go into whether you will conceive a girl or a boy baby. I find that most people know some of them, but few people understand them all. However, the most common variable that most people have at least heard of is timing (or when you conceive.) Most know that when you have intercourse or sex can have a huge factor in whether you conceive a son or a daughter, but not everyone understands why this is so and this knowledge can help you greatly with the other variables that you’ll also need to address. Because timing is only one part of the whole sum or equation. I’ll explain this more in the following article.

How Most Couples Try To Conceive: Let me describe a typical conception scenario. Mom and dad to be decide that the time is right to start their family. Maybe mom has been on birth control pills and decides to go off of them. They give themselves time for the pills to get out of her system (usually three months) and then begin their conception attempts. They pick somewhere in her the middle of her menstrual cycle hoping that they are in the center of her fertility window and they begin having intercourse and do so for several subsequent days hoping that they are successful on one of these attempts.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this way of doing things. This tactic can certainly result in a pregnancy over time. But, this tactic is best when you really don’t care which gender you conceive. If you have a preference though, there is definitely a better way.

Getting Your Conception Timing Perfect: The timing jungle boys strains is so vital is actually based on the fact that boy producing or Y sperm live for a much shorter period of time than the girl producing sperm (otherwise known as X.) So, if you conceive on the initial end of your ovulation window (3 days before), you are more likely to have many more X’s in your vaginal tract because many (or sometimes most) of the Y’s (boys) would’ve died off. Obviously, this makes your odds better for a girl conception. However, if you wait until the later part of that same window, you give the Y’s a much better chance because they are faster than the X’s and if they are young and strong they are more likely to win a race of speed.

Obviously then, knowing exactly when this window begins and ends is going to be of the up most importance. In fact, being off even slightly can have huge repercussions. Remember in the scenario above when I described the couple as beginning trying when they thought the fertility window began? This will be your downfall if you are dead set on choosing your baby’s gender. You really should not guess because you will often be wrong. This is why I advocate getting a very high quality ovulation predictor that very accurately and successfully measures bodily fluids. This leaves little room for error. I like the saliva models because I find them to be more accurate for a variety of reasons.

Continuing On: If you do what I’ve described above correctly, then you’ll be able to weed out many of the sperm chromosomes that you don’t want competing for the egg. However, timing alone can’t get rid of all of them. Some stragglers will sneak through. So you’ll want to do other things to get rid of the remaining ones. One example of this is altering your PH and / or acidity. A high PH favors girls and a low one favors boys. You can tweak this using a special diet or a special douche, or both. One tool that can help you with this are little PH test strips that are pretty cheap and easy to find. This will tell you your PH today so that you aren’t continuing to guess and stumble along in the dark.

Finally, the sexual positions that you use impacts this process as well. Deep penetration gives the sperm further to travel (which favors boys.) The opposite is true if you opt for shallow positions.

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