A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep

Here comes the most awaited day of the year, birthdays. Not only kids even though we being grown ups now still wait for our or our loved one’s birthday secretly. From planning a party to organizing everything on time it really becomes all hiked up hectic day. Now here’s an bunnybuddy.co.za how about involving your little one in planning the party. Seems not a good idea because we as adults think that they might ruin our arrangements and make work harder for us and we have to constantly watch them over. Let’s look on to the best part now.

Honestly we never came all responsible from the start we grew up gradually. Involving kids in birthday preparations will not only enforce the sense of responsibilities in them but also a feeling that their opinion counts, and trust me when I say this, it work wonders building confidence in the child. And what better gift can you give your child.

Having them giving you company will also be fun… and hectic but fun… There are many ways in which you can involve them as you’re helping bunnies arranging a party.

  1. Making invitation cards – The most important part of a birthday is the invitation. Kids love drawing and what’s better than a hand made birthday card invitation rather than just calling them over. Small and creative. Also if you want to keep them stuck to a specific place… best idea ever.
  2. Making return birthday gifts – After party glow. The return birthday gifts. Now here you can juggle with varieties,instead of just buying something just make something at home like candies, cakes or muffins with the kid.
  3. Arranging props – Okay now the days with just normal cake cutting, music and food are long gone. Having different props like bunny hat, clown nose, king crown,magic wand, funny hairs, big goggles can work wonders. And what’s better when your little one is all up trying them one by one and arranging them for his/her friends.
  4. The theme – No one can be more creative in this then your little helping hand. Making crazy ideas and suggestions. I suggest let them choose the theme. Only a kid knows what kids like best. And you can go around and include games and fun things to do during the party.
  5. The decorations – Okay so now not everyone will agree to this but involving your little helping hand in the preparations is a great idea. Starting from decorating balloons to colourful papers, it will not only make them happy but you as well. Just think of them giggling when a balloon suddenly bursts out. Hah! Funny.

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