MLM Prospecting — How Important is Social Media?

With the new fun time of social media the world rapidly becoming a small place. We are now able to get in touch with people from all over the world very power likes easily. The network marketing industry is based on prospecting and social media has allowed a person to have access to anyone who has access to a computer. In this way mlm business owners are able to tell the world about their business. This all has had a direct effect on the MLM industry but precisely how important is social media to MLM prospecting and how does one use it effectively?

So what can you do with social media?

Connect: You can connect on just about any level by using blogs, personal emails, commenting on social pages and blogs, and even joining groups. Social media offers gives people a way of connecting with others. Build: Mlm business owners can build new friendships and relationships. This is done by including people in your circle and joining their circle of ‘friends’ which then allows the networker access to all of those people.

Discuss: Talking to people is one of the main advantages of social media. Talking to people that you have met or even people that you barely know lets a networker find out what others want to discuss and to let others know what is on their mind, i. e.; their business. This can be accomplished with blogs, posts, direct messages, notes to people, audio and videos, as well simple emails through the social site.

Podcasts are becoming part of more mainstream thinking as a way to connect and market. As well connecting with video is becoming big in marketing. Video marketing techniques gets the attention of approximately two-thirds of men and women.

Peak interest: One can use social media as a way to employ attraction marketing by showing a pursuit in what others are doing and helping them solve a problem. Listening to what your contacts have to say is important and then one can share new ideas and possibilities that they think are of value.

Even though social media sites are a way to bring free traffic a networker must have a game plan and not just waste a multitude of hours clicking around all the sites. Experts say that spending an hour a day on social media marketing will do and too much more than that is just a waste of time. Social sites are for developing a basic relationship and directing individuals to a solution for their problem, i. e.: your MLM site or product.

One must also familiarize themselves with all the available tools for each site in order to get the most benefit and reduces costs of the social media process. Using social media correctly is important if it is to have any influence on MLM prospecting. Just sending out birthday wishes or immaterial messages won’t do too much for your business and the wonderful are actually becoming a little immune to this. Ads well, just talking about yourself won’t get a networker very far and will probably just chase people away in the long run. It’s important to actually listen to people and their needs and discover people you have things in keeping with. Once you have found someone that you have something in keeping with, genuinely engage and talk about characteristics and ways to solve problems.

Bottom line: The MLM prospecting business is about building relationships and social media marketing can help or hurt a business depending on if it is used correctly or not.

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