Some cheap date activities

With gas prices going up you may find it hard to take that special person out on a date. Look for some inexpensive ways to spend time together. There are always things to do locally that cost little or no money at all.

There’s always free concerts, street fairs, and art gallery openings going on. Attending any of these will expand your knowledge and give you two some bonding time. Who knows, you may find that you like a different type of music or a new local artist.

Another great tip is to work with your surroundings. You may have lakes, rivers, the beach, or parks close to you. You can make a day out of taking a bike ride or a hike and bring along a picnic.

Visit a local vineyard and see what special events they may have going on. I used to live close to one that had a different musical group on their grounds every Saturday and you could bring food there and have a picnic and just listen to music. The best part about it was that it was free and you could go inside and do the free wine tasting.

If you are a good cook and she likes to bake then spend some quality time in the kitchen and make a meal together. Nothing could be sexier than making a meal together and then sitting down to eat it together.

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, try visiting секс шоп which offer sex toys and some even offer classes geared to enhancing your sex life. You could also watch an educational DVD that will enhance your sex life like one on Kama Sutra sex positions or erotic massage.

A good date is about spending time with a person.

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