SEO Is an Ever-Changing, Never-Ending Game

Search engine optimization is a game that millions of people around the globe are now enslaved by. You probably have an image in your mind of a video game addict sitting on the couch for days at a time, but you may not have a clear image of the SEO addict who sits just as long in a computer chair reading, learning, watching their ranks.

Okay, so maybe SEO addiction isn’t quite as extreme, but for experts who follow this changing game closely it often is classified as an addiction. The difference is real money is attached to this addiction and rendering it feel more urgent than any video game ever could be. cod

Watching SEO Pay off

Search engine optimization is a long term marketing strategy. When done well it will continue to pay off for many years and can even become more and more successful with time. And this becomes very addicting to those who use SEO. They enjoy watching the rewards from their work coming into play.

Changes in search engine rankings and positioning for particular pieces in the Search engine results positioning can happen overnight and it is exciting to get up and check all your rankings to see if things are going as they should.

When something goes wrong you want to make it better right away. When something goes right you want to duplicate it for increased success. This is a never-ending game that keeps millions of people strapped to their computer chairs day after day. Growing in rank is like beating a straight of a video game and moving on the next level.

There is pride in growing in rank but also anxiety and tension as moving up to the next rank will be even harder.

The Changing Rules

Search engine optimization is also ever-changing because the rules never stay the same. Professionals spend the maximum amount of time (if not more) following the trends and changing rules as they do actually implementing their SEO strategies. They can spend a lot of time trying to predict where the trends and rules are going to go in the future so they can get killing the game.

This is exciting because the right moves can put someone well killing the competition if they accurately predict what might happen next. Yet, millions will be slapped down when the rules change in the opposite direction of what they believed.

Many SEO players try to find loopholes and ways to cheat the game. They can get some big time financial gains for the forseeable future, but it is a never-ending game because eventually that loophole will be closed tight and they have to start from the start.

Those who play the game straight without loopholes and cheats Links to an external site. are stuck in the never-ending world of ever-changing rules. This is both exciting and anxiety causing since there are substantial amounts of money on the line.

Obtaining it the game

There is a lot more to this game than simply basic SEO strategies. Being successful with online marketing requires a solid grasp on search engine optimization as well as a devotion to checking up on the changing rules of the game. You have to think of it like a game and constantly change your approach if you want to survive in the long run.

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