Horse Racing Handicapping

Looking for horse racing best bets? You’re not alone. Everyday all over the world, millions of people handicap the horse races, read handicappers picks, and listen to touts trying to find a few winners to make a profit from their wagers. In the end, it is usually the track that wins even though they tell you that you’re betting against the other bettors and not the race track.

That might be true in 토토사이트 a way. Pari mutuel wagering does mean that you are betting against the other players and the track only holds a small percentage, but don’t underestimate that small percentage that the track takes out, every time you bet, win or lose.

Want a better chance of winning and showing a profit from horse racing bets? Then find out what your track takes out and what others take out and go with the one with the smallest takeout. You instantly increase your chances of winning. Another way to increase your chances is by only betting on horses that have done what you are asking of them today.

It is amazing how often the favorite in a race is a horse who has never won at the distance, or on the surface that it is running on today. While breeding statistics are helpful in guessing what a horse can do, the best way to figure out what a runner is capable of is to see that it has already done it. Stick with horses who have won at the distance and surface.

Another good way to increase your chances of winning is to stick with a horse that has worked out within the last seven days or raced within the last two weeks. Either horse is probably fit and ready to race. There are a lot of horses racing that aren’t in the best of shape, perhaps suffering from some form of lameness. This recency rule helps you to weed them out.

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